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General Engineering
Specialist Purpose Engineering
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How can IoT transform my business?

It’s the question shrewd business owners are asking as the ‘internet of things’ (IoT) delivers global business benefits with data-driven innovation.

IoT is the network of physical ‘things’ implanted with electronics software and sensors, communicating through data connections, Wifi and mobile networks; collecting, analysing and sharing information to improve productivity

Hartech helps you get to grips with this burgeoning ‘industrial internet’ with new ways to engage customers, innovate your business model and discover insights to improve your bottom line, securely

  • Hartech IoT in the city

    Increased connectivity options and sensors on every street light, bus, bin and utility line, city councils can use their assets more strategically to reduce costs and increase economic development as well as deliver better services, security and civic engagement.

  • Hartech IoT for industry

    State of the art sensors and cloud storage technology energises your business from enhancing manufacturing and product quality to better delivery times, service capability, and improving the customer experience.

What IoT solutions are best?

Hartech IoT undertakes a thorough audit of your operation environment from device profiling to detailing the most secure and cost effective IoT plan for your evolution.

Design, build and implement IoT solutions sector wide

  • Network of partners
  • Multiple technology and cross-sector capability
  • M2M cellular connectivity
  • Low data telemetry to high bandwidth CCTV streaming
  • Hartech ‘Connect and Protect’ Secure analytics applications and critical data storage
  • Private APN with optional secure VPN infrastructure on an Opex-based model.
  • Fixed/static IP to all SIMs